"I had no idea where to start..."

"I was so anxious about applying for jobs and how to make myself stand out after graduating college. Ashlyn reviewed my cover letter and helped me update my resume before submitting for my number one choice job listing. I had no idea where to start so that was a huge help! I got the job and even received compliments on the cover letter from the hiring manager. Ashlyn was also instrumental during the interviewing process. This can be very stressful and the support was much needed - I had not interviewed in that capacity before so her advice was reassuring and helped me figure out how to present myself and answer tough questions. She helped me stand out against many other applicants and I am forever grateful to her and have been enjoying that job for 3+ years now."


"Someone to go to for motivation, advice, or questions..."

"To those that know Ashlyn on a personal level she is a friend and an advocate. Anytime you need someone to go to for motivation, advice, or questions about mental health and basic health needs, she is willing and ready to take on her friends and family. This is something that comes second nature to her. So much so that she has now decided to start her first venture into making it a career. I couldn’t be more happy to hear this, and wish her the best on her path to success. 

I’ve known Ashlyn since I entered my first year of college. She welcomed me into her world with loving arms and created a safe place for me to be open about myself. I left school after a year and my relationship with Ashlyn continued as such. 

I struggle with anxiety, depression, and was in abusive relationships, over the next couple years of leaving school. Frequently throughout my life I would find myself hopeless and in need of a support system. I would reach out to Ashlyn, and she would, as she always has, create a space for me where I felt safe, honored and respected. She would take her time with me even if that meant 3 hour phone calls. Coaching me, reassuring me, and giving me many tools to work towards a happier future. There was never anything too big for her plate, she just took me on and did what she could to help, without hesitation. 

Some of her highest qualities and skill sets in the this field that I believe set her above the bar, are her organizational skills, her troubleshooting skills, and her extensive knowledge in the medical field. Although she is not a licensed doctor she knows her ins and outs of mental health care and she’s been able to even extend them to my family when we were in need of it. 

If you need someone to help you with something as serious as mental health or even as small as planning your day, keeping your spaces and your mind clear, she’s the person to call. I would absolutely recommend Ashlyn Eaton Deluca if you are looking for a health or life coach, I trust her with mine. 

Today I am not where I wish to be yet because I believe I am ever-evolving into the best version of me. With a humble heart I thank Ashlyn Eaton Deluca for helping me to this place along the way. With her careful and loving guide, I am in a much, much better place."